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animation project

This is one of my favorite bands from the late 70's early 80's that I am a big fan! In this section I'm working on drawing and illustrate the band members and then come up with a story board for one of their songs . I choose to illustrate the band from there early look from Adolescent Sex to the Obscure Alternative... this is the time I was turned on to them in 78' when I was in Miami Senior High .

In this first illustration you can see the beginning of a story board using the caricatures I've illustrated for the first try of a short intro .

The following is my first try at animating  a short intro to “Sometimes I feel So Low”

The following are my characters interpretation on the band members David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Steve Jansen (drums), Richard Barbieri (keyboards) and Mick Karn (bass guitar) Rob Dean (guitar)

Working as a Story Board Artist

This section of my blog will be on my story board experience and short stories of my work experience.

Layout for story board blog

When I tell someone ” I can draw anything , if you can describe it . I can draw it”  I mean it!

I’ve done some strange story boards gigs in my life!

This illustration was for a reality show that’s about special effects on makeup and costumes .

Here is a sample of a story board that I worked on for an artist that wanted to show how the multi media exhibit would work.

Life as a club artist

The following is a speaking presentation that I did at at Girls’ Club Warehouse, 723 NE 2 Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sustainable Connections: Art Talk with Lazaro Amaral and G. Wright Muir

Artist Presentation

The following is a short introduction to my work and past exhibits in a short layout format .

My past experiences in the creative world is very diverse and extended into advertising and entertainment fields .

I spent ten years at Art Center South Florida on Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach . Thats where I really got my experience in working with the public and as a art instructor . Working with adults and children working in art camp and adult class .

A lot of my present work is as a art instructor , at the present I am a instructor at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in North Miami .

Some projects that I will be posting will be linked to my Teen After School classes at M.O.C.A. So please check my page:

One of my favorite installations that I have been blessed to be in and attend . This was in California in West Hollywood in 2004 . I got to be there for the opening and the media was there also . One of the happiest times of my life.

Amnesty International Exhibit

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Ghoul Town Exhibit at Art Center South Florida 800 Gallery

Girls’ Club Warehouse presents The Other Half of the Sky, a guest exhibit curated by William Cordova.

The Other Half Of The Sky

Page Layout for MOCAzine

Page layout for MOCAzine . Annual magazine for The Museum Of Contempery Art in North Miami . I also produce the magazine with my Friday class students at MOCA .

More on my past ...

Check out this great and fun article on my past work ! Cover Photo by Isauro Cairo 

The article talks about mono printing event that I did at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens , please take a look .

Punk Rock fashions

Take a look at this fashion shoot of some fun Punk Rock fashions by Show Studio’s photography ! One of my designs was used in this fashion shoots !

Here is a jean jacket that I printed for a past photo shoot .

Drawings & Art work Diary

My digital drawing diary

I’ve been practicing drawing and painting in #Photoshop more lately ( since I finally got a #XP-PEN ) . It takes some time to get used to it , but with time I think I can master it ! One of the cool features of the new Photoshop to me is the is Liquify ! Love it! It’s under the Convert for Smart Filters .It’s a must try ! One of the things I love to do is sketch in Photoshop and make my thumb nail ideas and then produce my work . If you take a look at the featured photo to this section you will see a drawing I did on Twiggy . I then printed the thumb nail and blow it up on my projector and trashed it on to velum paper . Then I exposed it to a silk screen with emulsion and made my stencil ! Now I can render the drawing I did original digital in to an image that is 23″ x 40″ !

As you can tell I’m obsessed with #Twiggy ! So that’s the reason you see images of her on my #artwork !

Here are some alternative prints I have been working on at my studio.

The first is on paper , you can see that I love to over print images on top of other images . Fo me its like  looking at a layout for an editorial page . You can see that there is a sense of chaotic order in my art work.

You can see that I have a love for silk screen printing and Twiggy!

In the following photos you can see some of my digital drawings on Twiggy.

Some more digital drawings I’ve been producing.

Here in this section you will see some of the new drawings I have been working on .

This is a com-posit I made to show what I would like to create on this wall at a store on Lincoln rd.

Hello World!

Hello World ! Lets make art!

This is my #art blog , where I will post ideas and projects that are going on in my art life ! I also will be posting links to articles on my art and my work as an art instructor . At the moment I am a instructor at M.O.C.A. In North Miami Fl.

Some projects that I will be posting will be linked to my Teen After School classes at M.O.C.A. So please check my page:

The Teen program at M.O.C.A. produces a yearly magazine that focuses on the activities the museum does with it’s students. Please check out the link to the magazine:  M.O.C.A.zine . If you would like to see one of my last interview with a local publication , check out this link from AMBIENTE magazine .