animation project

This is one of my favorite bands from the late 70's early 80's that I am a big fan! In this section I'm working on drawing and illustrate the band members and then come up with a story board for one of their songs . I choose to illustrate the band from there early look from Adolescent Sex to the Obscure Alternative... this is the time I was turned on to them in 78' when I was in Miami Senior High .

In this first illustration you can see the beginning of a story board using the caricatures I've illustrated for the first try of a short intro .

The following is my first try at animating ¬†a short intro to “Sometimes I feel So Low”

The following are my characters interpretation on the band members David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Steve Jansen (drums), Richard Barbieri (keyboards) and Mick Karn (bass guitar) Rob Dean (guitar)