Past Workshops

( Check out some of the links to the printing events that I have offered in the past ) 


  • Miami-based artist Lazaro Amaral will ease the blues, by leading a screen-printing demo.
  • Guests in attendance can enjoy a creative night where they will have the option of picking from six different designs and applying them on a canvas tote that will be provided. Attendants can make fun combinations of their choice by mixing and overlapping the available designs to create a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • The screen-printing demo will celebrate the screen-printing and design classes that are offered at my studio. Printing Demo's are great for party events , art opening , promotions. Price does not include bags or t-shirts to print on .

Screen Printing Basic Course

  • Students will learn the basics of reproduction silkscreen (stencil, emulsion and printing) land its application in art and design. After completing the course, each student will have completed projects on paper and shirts (T-shirts).
  • Skill level: All levels.
  • 12 hours Course.
  • 3 sessions (4 hours).
  • Maximum 4 students per course.
  • Refreshments

Screen Printing Advanced Course

  • Students will combine learned in the basic course in screen printing with other printing techniques (such as Mono-print), invest more time in the lab work (emulsion and development) and use different materials for their impressions. After completing the course, each student will have carried out joint projects on paper, shirts (T-shirts) and other materials.
  • Advanced Level (take the basic course required).
  • 4 sessions (4 hours each ).
  • Maximum 4 students per course.
  • Refreshments.
  • *(excluding materials).

Fun Art for children and adolescents (after school)

$220 monthly
  • Aimed at young people and children who want to make a rewarding activity after regular classes. The course guides students through various artistic techniques: drawing, collage, stencil and screen printing and venture into the world of creativity and fun. No prior knowledge or skills required.
  • $30 per class
  • $55 per week
  • 2 classes a week (2 hours each).
  • Maximum 4 students per course.
  • Refreshments.
  • (does not include materials).