I’ve been practicing drawing and painting in #Photoshop more lately ( since I finally got a #XP-PEN ) . It takes some time to get used to it , but with time I think I can master it ! One of the cool features of the new Photoshop to me is the is Liquify ! Love it! It’s under the Convert for Smart Filters .It’s a must try ! One of the things I love to do is sketch in Photoshop and make my thumb nail ideas and then produce my work . If you take a look at the featured photo to this section you will see a drawing I did on Twiggy . I then printed the thumb nail and blow it up on my projector and trashed it on to velum paper . Then I exposed it to a silk screen with emulsion and made my stencil ! Now I can render the drawing I did original digital in to an image that is 23″ x 40″ !

As you can tell I’m obsessed with #Twiggy ! So that’s the reason you see images of her on my #artwork !