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Fast! That is one word that illustrates my work . If you can describe it I can draw it! Film and commercial directors have relied on my skills to illustrate their vision on what they are going to film. 

I have worked on projects from cable sires Burn Notice to Post Cereals commercials . Depending on the project  and revisions . My turn over for shooting boards can be a twenty four hour turn over . Shooting boards are usually used for the production of a commercial . The illustrated frames go with the script and the timing of each scene can be determined . TV Commercials such as  AT&T ( “Gordo y Flaca” ) commercials for Univision . One famous projects , was working on the movie, “Rock of Ages” movie musical version. Worked with director Abel Ferrara  on his movie “The Blackout” with Matthew Modine.


 are a unique way to interpret the director’s vision. Originally drawing images on to 2×3 frames ( four per page ) as director dictates his vision of the commercial or film  I am about to draw . I can be anywhere  where needed to work with director. Originally with pencils and drawing board in hand . Now with digital drawing screen and laptop . I am available by phone call  or Face-time or in person to produce digital drawn story boards  for the production team.

In my extensive background in production I have had the experience in illustrating and produced set designs for renown TV channels such as; MTV Latino, Nickelodeon, and also worked as the creative visual display artist for Tower Records.

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some samples of my resent work.

Story boards for TeleMondo series “Maria”

Story boards for commercial on a law firm